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合同会社 INTERLACE DESIGN (インターレースデザイン)

設立:     2015年7月2日

資本金:    200万円

従業員数:4名(一級建築士 1名)








     一級建築士事務所 青森県知事登録1649号


Yoshi Kida,  


President and Architectural Designer, of Interlace Design

First class licensed Architect (Japan)

Interior Design / Architectural Design / Project Management.

A native of Tokyo, adds a dynamic modern-Japanese sensibility to the PROJECT.

Fluent in both Japanese and English, he enjoys collaborating with clients to help translate dreams and concepts into fulfilling realities.

Yoshi’s ten years of design experience include the well-known Japanese architectural firms Architects 5 and Kidosaki Architects Studio. He also has managed projects in Honolulu, Panama and Hollywood at Design build firm ID Group based on LosAngeles.

His work often reflects his personal style—modern, minimalist and highly sophisticated. Yoshi earned both a Master’s Degree in Urban and Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor’s of Engineering and Architecture from Hokkaido University.

“Fine design is revealed in the details. But the great driving force is the client’s needs. While my background is in timeless, modern design, I want to achieve the clients’ goals. An architect must understand how to promote honest relationships to help clients stretch their imaginations and see even greater possibilities within the scope of their lifestyles and budget. The client vision is always the starting point that leads to a home of beauty and integrity.”


1976 Born
1999 Bachelor’s of Engineering and Architecture from Hokkaido University.

2001 Master’s Degree in Urban and Environmental Engineering
2001-2002 : Architect 5 - Junior Designer and Architect

2003-2011 : Kidosaki Architects Office - Senior Architect and Designer
20011-2014 : iD Group Jeff Vance's office  (LosAngeles) Designer.
2015- : Interlace Design (President, Architect, Designer)

YOSHI KIDA / 木田 佳仁


President. Architect. Designer.

Project Manager

First Class Lisenced Architect (Japan)



​一級建築士 登録番号 359826号

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